They say mysteries are the best. We couldn’t agree more and thus came the idea of apparel with mystery and surprises. This top has a bar code printed on it which can be scanned to reveal a secret message. The messages range form sarcastic and funny to aggressive and rude. Pick the one that suits your personality and watch the people around you lose their mind. Cameras and attention guaranteed!

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4 reviews for Scan Me – Fu** You :) Crop Top

  1. Ankita

    OMG! you can actually scan the barcode with the phone. Funny

  2. Dipali

    Haha..funny tshirt. The code can be scanned. My family got annoyed.

  3. Riya

    The bar code can be scanned easily. It says f*** you. It is kind of funny and embarrasing at the same time. People will be pointing phone at you lol

  4. Yashika Arora

    This works. I wish If we could customise the message.

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