Danglers or hoops get their name from the fact that they are closed loops or hoops. These earings have been in trend since forever, and there is nothing that beats the minimalism and sassiness of these earrings. Typically available in round figure, Yosoberry brings you the hoops in many different shapes out of which triangular ones that you are watching are one. Since they have 3 sides, so we decided to call them Danglers 3.

Hoops earrings make up for a perfect statement at work and parties. In fact, the bigger the hoops, the hot it looks. You will be amazed by the attention that this simple pair of earrings can get you. Wear them with a casual, ethnic, or a little dress, and the world will be looking at you in awe.

1 review for Danglers Triangles Hoops Earrings

  1. Ishani

    They are fine for the price. Packaging is safe and good.

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